New World Parkville

New World Parkville started in 2009 as a public art project commissioned by Real Art Ways, an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization based in Hartford, Connecticut. To develop this project, I worked with Parkville’s Portuguese emigrant community. There, I met radio presenter Manuel Gaspar, João Alves (son of Fado singer Maria Alves), church volunteer Adelaide Vida and Hartford’s folklore group, among other community members. I listened to their stories, researching and documenting their personal archives: vintage photographs, scrapbooks and music collections from the ‘30s to the ‘80s. New World Parkville was originally presented on banners in Park Street, with a music installation playing at local stores. A billboard with a photograph of Praia da Nazaré – a traditional and iconic beach on the west cost of Portugal – was placed at the entrance of the neighborhood. This beach was repeatedly mentioned by the community as being the strongest photographic memory they have from Portugal.