São Roque

Ofício is a site-specific project about the church and museum of São Roque in Lisbon, Portugal. I photographed the people that work in both spaces, in areas or situations that aren’t normally accessible to the public, in order to show the more personal side and intimate scale of the institution. As the curator Miriam Kienle described: “Ofício is a series of photographs by Margarida Correia about the community that works in the church and museum. By representing the workers’ routines, these portraits diverge from typical images of São Roque through visualization of intimate or overlooked aspects of the institution. As a national heritage site, tourist destination, and functional church, São Roque’s significance is manifold. Correia’s photographs attend to the ambiguity between these meanings. Installed throughout the museum’s permanent collection, the photographs emphasize the tension between the secular and sacred, material and immaterial, modern and traditional. They explore the different values inscribed into the site and the questions posed by its preservation. Although all of the workers share the mission of maintaining São Roque, their individual convictions about that endeavor do not necessarily align.”